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Plaxico Burress Released From Prison Into NFL Lockout Vacuum

Plaxico Burress, the former New York Giants wide receiver most famous now for accidentally shooting himself in the thigh in a nightclub with an unregistered handgun, is scheduled to be released from jail Monday after a two-year prison sentence. A free agent, Burrees will now descend into another impenetrable layer of bureaucracy when he tries to navigate the muddied offseason waters of the NFL lockout. Linked most frequently to the Philadelphia Eagles, Burress, 34 years old, will be mentioned in connection with every team that has a vague need for wide receivers, including the St. Louis Rams, until the lockout is over and he can finally sign a contract.

As for the Rams themselves, they seem like an unlikely fit for Burress, given the Steve Spagnuolo era's focus on character guys and the current wide receiving corps's surplus of questionable wide receivers that already need to be sorted through ahead of Sam Bradford's sophomore season. But with Burress out of prison and free to make waves in an offseason desperate for news, it's unlikely that we've heard the end of these rumors.