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Plaxico Burress, "Situational Guy," Still Connected To St. Louis Rams

Plaxico Burress rumors have swirled after his June 6 release with much the same energy they had before he went from lockdown to NFL lockout—he's still connected to the St. Louis Rams, he's still staying just mum enough for that to matter about his association with the Philadelphia Eagles, and people are still wondering whether he has anything left in the tank.

If he really is a situational receiver at this point in time I just don't see why the Rams would be interested; they have too many wide receivers who are useful in certain situations or under certain circumstances already. What they've needed—what fans have been clamoring for since Sam Bradford showed he could do something with it—is a wide receiver who's useful all the time. If Burress isn't that guy—and there's great reason to believe he isn't—I don't think Rams fans will be especially disappointed when he ends up joining Michael Vick and the Eagles after all. (Where he might—and you'll have to help me out on this one—help Philadelphia with their illegal gun problem?)