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NFL Lockout: Welcome To Possible False Ending Number Infinity

Did you like Inception? Have you ever considered living it? I feel like I’m about to get another kick, because I’m having yet another dream about the NFL lockout being really close to an ending for sure this time guys players and owners are totally psyched about it. Turf Show Times reports, and offers the proper dose of skepticism.

All the right things are being said: Questions about rookie compensation and the salary floor are being addressed, the small-market and big-market teams are all in the room, and—perhaps most importantly—everyone on both sides is increasingly aware of the public backlash that would come from missing the start of the regular season, and the fiscal backlash that would come from missing the otherwise-unimportant preseason.

Look, they fooled me the first time, and I fooled myself the second time, and I don’t even remember what happened the third time. But now I won’t declare the NFL lockout finished until Week 1 has gone down in the books, and even then I’ll be suspicious until Sam Bradford removes his helmet.