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NFL Free Agency Could Be Crazy Three Days From End Of Lockout

So it looks like we'll be getting a full measure of NFL Free Agency freakouts after all—with the news that the NFL lockout's resolution has come after what is reported to be an abandonment by the owners of their demand for a right of first refusal this offseason, the current scuttlebutt suggests that there will be a three-day window in which team and free agent may negotiate exclusively, at which point Drew Rosenhaus is going to get super rich.

The three-day window might enrich ESPN the most, though. What could possibly make for better 24-hour-cable-news TV? They'll have 72 hours of solid wondering about which team will retain which players, and then at least a week of wild speculation while everybody rushes for the exits.

I plan on getting in on the action by declaring a three-day exclusive negotiating window with the NFL, during which they can offer me some competitive terms for my Sunday entertainment while I discuss my future with the UFL, Arena Football, and Everywhere-else-rules Football.