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NFL Lockout: Meeting Thursday Could End Our Long National Football League NIghtmare

The NFL lockout edged ever closer to settlement Wednesday, with the players approving some kind of "conditional settlement" in their own meeting, rather than voting, as earlier expected. (Then again, maybe they conditionally voted, which—okay.) That means Thursday's owners' meeting, in Atlanta, could mean the end of the lockout only if the players' lawyers can hash out their clients' remaining issues with the owners' lawyers. 

That's right: The latest official date for the possible end of the Lockout is Thursday. That's today, if you're reading this on Thursday! Harold Camping could not be reached for comment at press time, but everyone in the NFL press corps confirmed that they had sold all their belongings and stopped following other sports in preparation for this event. 

The players' remaining issues are poorly understood right now, but should come clearer later Thursday, whether they're resolved or not. Jim Trotter's Twitter feed is worth following as things in the least enjoyable lockout in the history of not-especially-enjoyable lockouts grinds to a conclusion, as is SB Nation's long-suffering NFL hub