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NFL Lockout Free Agency Ramifications: Finding Steven Jackson's Running Back-Up

With the NFL lockout--well, not over at all, but at least differently not-over, St. Louis Rams fans (and hopefully St. Louis Rams officials) are taking another look at the free agency dilemmas that occupied us back in January. More innocent times, then--the NHL had a team in Atlanta, Colby Rasmus was unpopular for some reason, the Mac Mini still came with an optical drive. But we still had no idea how the Rams would deal with Steven Jackson's backup situation after the worst season of his career.


Steven Jackson wants to be the only competent back on the Rams, but he shouldn't be. That's what it comes down to.


All these months later I still think it crucial for the Rams to protect themsdelves from Jackson, and Jackson from himself. If they can't do it with a young full-time type, they need to find some reasonable substitute thereof to keep Jackson younger longer.


I don't know if I want the actual Reggie Bush, but a Reggie Bush type is still the perfect compromise pick-up. He'd be like the Court Eunuch--he can't play full-time, and is thus no threat, but he's sharp enough that you want him watching the harem in the first place. As it were.