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NFL Free Agency 2011: St. Louis Rams Have Darren Sproles, Reggie Bush On Mind

With the NFL lockout over and the Rams' training camp set to begin on July 29, Rams fans finally have a chance to complain about the moves in free agency that they've wanted to complain about all offseason. First order of business: The Rams are connected to several free agent running backs in an attempt to keep Steven Jackson from Boxer-the-horsing himself as the stubborn-to-the-end Number One Guy. And since they're Darren Sproles and Reggie Bush, you might not even complain!


Sproles and Bush offer two interesting skill-sets as potential Rams weapons: For one thing, they're very good receivers, and for another, they couldn't possibly replace Jackson on a full-time basis. For Jackson, for whom sharing carries in the contemporary sense is a total anathema, their obvious differences would make it clear that his role won't change significantly; for Josh McDaniels, their weirdness would open up new and stranger options in his quest to make Rams fans remember how much they loved Mike Martz while simultaneously using as few receivers as actual receivers as possible.