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Randy Moss Retires, Per Agent; St. Louis Rams Rumors Not Over Yet

After an offseason of baseless Randy Moss rumors, the mercurial star still managed to surprise us all, retiring rather than joining one of the 32 teams rumored, at various points in the NFL lockout, to be interested in his services. Of course, if you're a St. Louis Rams fan excited to not have to hear about everybody's favorite would-be accquisition anymore, I'm afraid your out of luck: Until Moss is too old to be a midseason difference-maker, we're going to have a Brett Favre situation on our hands.


Just 34, Moss is only a couple of years removed from his last Randy Moss Season and four years younger than fellow diva Terrell Owens, who continues to put up solid numbers and seems unlikely to hang them up any time soon. Jerry Rice played another four seasons after turning 34 before he moved on to the Oakland Raiders for his brief career renaissance, eventually retiring at 42.


Randy Moss hasn't had Jerry Rice's career, but he had Rice's physical talents, his incredibly vast physical advantages over the rest of the league. Until he's too old to come back, teams with limitations at wide receiver will hear about how he might. So get used to it: The new rumors, same as the old rumors.