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Sam Bradford, Lance Kendricks Connect For Touchdown In Rams' Preseason Opener

Sam Bradford and Lance Kendricks show off signs of a tight end revolution to come in Josh McDaniels's new St. Louis Rams offense.

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St. Louis Rams fans looking for a sneak preview of Josh McDaniels' new offense need look no further than the video for Sam Bradford's touchdown pass to rookie tight end Lance Kendricks from Saturday night's preseason drubbing of the Indianapolis Colts; it was Bradford's only touchdown pass in his abbreviated but efficient outing, and it went to Kendricks, the strange second-round pick that signaled McDaniels' desire to install the two-tight-end package he's famous for around the Rams' superstar quarterback. 

Bradford wasn't quite turned loose in his first taste of the McDaniels system—he averaged just 3.75 yards per pass attempt, even lower than he managed in Pat Shurmur's narcoleptic offense—but his rapport with Kendricks is a sign of things to come for an offense that now has two solid young tight ends under contract—not to mention projects like Fendi Onobun somewhere in limbo before the start of the season. 

A.J. Feeley and Thaddeus Lewis got the rest of the snaps for the Rams, going a combined 13-for-19 with 128 yards with the second team.