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Fantasy Football 2011 Rankings: Wide Receiver A Wasteland For Rams

Ahead of your 2011 fantasy football draft I have one piece of advice: Don't select a St. Louis Rams wide receiver.

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I'm going to make this simple: Unless your fantasy football draft allows you to select the 2011 St. Louis Rams receiving corps as a unit, like their defense, don't do it. Their preseason win against the Colts saw Sam Bradford and backup A.J. Feeley throwing at every eligible receiver Josh McDaniels could throw at them, seemingly indiscriminately. Rookie tight end Lance Kendricks and injury-prone wide receiver Danario Alexander were the only receivers who distinguished themselves; Mike Sims-Walker and Donnie Avery, two potential difference-makers in this year's offense, didn't even participate.

McDaniels's hand on the tiller means this year's offense will be much more dynamic than last year's, which bodes well for Alexander and Donnie Avery. But both of them have a history of injuries that makes it difficult to recommend them even as sleepers, unless your league is so cheap that you're willing to draft sleepers who might ruin their knee next time they wake up. 

As for Sims-Walker and Danny Amendola, the token veteran and Bradford's 2010 safety blanket, each could find himself with a surplus of receptions if the Rams don't find a breakout candidate in their pile of rookies and average types, but McDaniels's two-tight-end system could mean fewer short receptions for Amendola.