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Sam Bradford, Brandon Gibson Connect On 83-Yard Touchdown For Rams

Sam Bradford, Brandon Gibson, and the St. Louis Rams show off a newly dynamic offense in the first quarter of their preseason game against the Tennessee Titans.

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Sam Bradford and bubble wide receiver Brandon Gibson made quick work of the Tennessee Titans in the first quarter of the St. Louis Rams' second preseason game of 2011, connecting for an 83-yard touchdown pass on the first offensive play of the season. New offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels made his mark early, with Steven Jackson causing the Titans to bite on a play-action. Brandon Gibson was open downfield for a perfect downfield pass from Bradford, who looks to be unleashed in the early going. 

On a team filled with questionable and projectable wide receivers Gibson was one of the only steady performers in 2010, which has left him forgotten among Rams fans looking for a new start. After 53 receptions for 620 yards and two touchdowns in 2010, the 24-year-old just brought himself a long way toward a similar role in 2011. 

McDaniels's influence has already shown on the offense; Bradford lined up in the shotgun with an empty backfield on the Rams' second drive, completing a long pass over the middle to would-be safety valve Danny Amendola for a first down.