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Fantasy Football 2011 Rankings: Steven Jackson Exits Running Back Top 10

The St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson takes a tumble when it comes time to run the 2011 fantasy football rankings at running back.

For much of the aughts St. Louis Rams fans who sought solace in the fantasy football rankings had only one port in that particular storm: Steven Jackson, the team's multitalented and doggedly backup-resistant running back, who made annual showings near the very top of the list. In 2011, though, coming off the worst season of his career, he's fallen not only out of the top 10, but out of the average 12-man first round, ranking 13th in SB Nation's fantasy football 2011 rankings

It's far from impossible that Jackson bounces back now that he's been reinforced by some solid backups and placed in a much more exciting offense, but I can't blame the mothership for ranking him where they do; averaging less than four yards a carry is a bad news for a running back who nearly led football in carries and will be 28 in 2011. The amount of age and durability-related risk balances out with the amount of stronger-offense-related reward just outside of the first round this year. 

Of course, until Sam Bradford has that breakout we're all expecting, Jackson remains the Rams' great fantasy football hope by default, unless you've got Donnie Jones in some bespoke punting category.