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Andrew Luck, Future NFC West Nemesis

At Turf Show Times there's some great analysis of Andrew Luck, who, barring catastrophe, will probably never play for the St. Louis Rams. The hook: He could very well end up playing against the St. Louis Rams, given the NFC West's continued weakness and the short-termy nature of the patches the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers currently have at quarterback. If Tarvaris Jackson, Alex Smith, or even Kevin Kolb collapse like, say, Derek Anderson did last year, you can bet their might be the Worst Andrew Luckmas Ever going on at the Edward Jones Dome come next April.


Speaking as someone who doesn't even watch much college football I've been continually impressed with Luck, and I agree (for more reasons than one) with the commenter at TST who hopes he doesn't have to hate Luck in the future, however cool a rivalry with Sam Bradford could be.


If I may demur just once on 3k's analysis, though, I do have to question one thing about Andrew Luck's decision-making skills: Why on earth did he stick around for another year of college? Has he ever read the Matt Harrington story? I can Xerox him a copy, if he hasn't. I loved college, too, but if the Professional Smash Brothers League were offering me a $50 million contract to main Ness on Final Destination all day I'd gladly finish up later.