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St. Louis Rams Cuts: Danario Alexander's Cut Day Could Depend On Fullback

The St. Louis Rams' cut day could center on the way a fullback changes things for receivers like Donnie Avery and Danario Alexander.

With the St. Louis Rams and the rest of the NFL celebrating the start of those ever-chilling cut days Wednesday afternoon, erstwhile Mizzou star Danario Alexander remains the biggest name on the bubble. He's lost out to the Rams' motley collection of veterans and rookies at wide receiver, but the biggest hurdle for his future could be fullback Brit Miller.

New offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has rarely been one to use the fullback position, which has become increasingly obsolete in the pass-heavy NFL McDaniels has helped to create; with two tight ends on the field so frequently—and Turf Show Times predicts they'll carry four, among them project Fendi Onobun—there's little use for the fullback as a blocker or an offensive weapon. 

But Miller, a member of last year's practice squad, has spent a lot of time with the Rams' first team, which means McDaniels might have had a come-to-Ditka moment between this year and last. If he's carrying Miller, that's bad news for both Alexander and whoever else you have on the Rams' wide receiver bubble—it leaves them carrying six wide receivers.