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St. Louis Rams Roster Cuts: A Roster Without Donnie Avery

Donnie Avery could be a St. Louis Rams cut day casualty, according to Turf Show Times.

The St. Louis Rams are continuing their trip down to the regular season active roster, and with that kind of bubble-bursting comes the yearly attempt to predict just which of the preseason stars and flops will make the team for Week One. The boldest one yet came Tuesday, when Turf Show Times proprietor VanRam guessed that Donnie Avery—by trade or something more insidious—wouldn't be on the roster when the Rams finally finished sorting their dysfunctional wide receivers. 

Avery's been solid in the preseason since returning from last season's devastating knee injury; for the most part, he's done everything that could be expected of him. But VanRam guesses that the Rams won't have a need for his speed-first game in Josh McDaniels's new offense, and that they'll try to trade the erstwhile number-one-of-last-resort for whatever they can get, instead keeping newly minted special-teams-gunner Mardy Gilyard around. 

This is plausible to me, but I'm not sure I'm a fan of it. With both Avery and Danario Alexander off the roster we'll be back to square one—Sam Bradford will have a big-play offensive coordinator, for once, but no big-play wide receiver.