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St. Louis Rams Training Camp: Danario Alexander Still A Question Heading Into Preseason

The St. Louis Rams' first preseason contest is this Sunday.

Danario Alexander's rookie year was the St. Louis Rams' 2010 season in miniature: Flashes of incredible potential, lots of positives, but a worrying number of lost games. In 2011 fans are more excited about the Rams than ever, but Alexander's stock—well, it hasn't gone down so much as the volume has totally evaporated. A no-show at the team scrimmage ahead of preseason week one due to knee swelling, Danario's all-important appendage is still a mystery going into game action. 

Part of the hush has been due to all the wide receivers the Rams have brought in in the meantime; Mark Clayton didn't come back as expected, but Mike Sims-Walker popped up immediately after the NFL lockout to join rookies Greg Salas and Austin Pettis. The Rams will also have Donnie Avery—another scrimmage holdout—due back after a year on the sidelines and Mardy Gilyard looking to make the team after a totally different year on the sidelines. 

Alexander's talent is undeniable, but it might be that with a number of other options on the horizon fans have grown tired of waiting to see what his knee can take on a week-to-week basis. For his sake—and the team's, I think, in the long run—I hope the Rams don't feel the same way.