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St. Louis Rams Preview: Steven Jackson, Cadillac Williams Could Play Big Role Vs. Eagles

Steven Jackson, Cadillac Williams, and Jerious Norwood will have to put together a strong performance in their first game together for the St. Louis Rams to get past the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1.

With Josh McDaniels set to revitalize the passing game with Sam Bradford, the focus on his new backups, and his disappointing 2010, Steven Jackson is arguably the forgotten man of the St. Louis Rams' offense, despite being its veteran star and standing Pro Bowler. More ink's been spent on Donnie Avery's release, Danario Alexander's knee, and Jerious Norwood's continued existence than Steven Jackson's future; more words have been devoted to explaining Cadillac Williams's nickname than Jackson's role in the new offense. But he could jump back into the spotlight with a strong Week 1, and given the Philadelphia Eagles' new pass offense he could have a chance to put one together. 

With Cadillac Williams set to run into people in short yardage situations, and Norwood around for some yet-unknown McDaniels surprises, Jackson will be free to keep drives in motion with big first- and second-down rushes. And given the Eagles' newly free-agented defense and the Eagles' relative weakness at linebacker, the Rams will need him to do just that if they're going to open up space for Bradford and his new targets.