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Rams Vs. Eagles Odds: SB Nation Picks Rams, Bets Pick Eagles Week 1

The St. Louis Rams are four-point underdogs against the Philadelphia Eagles Week 1. Which isn't so bad, all things considered.

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The good news is that the mothership's very own Andrew Sharp has picked the St. Louis Rams to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 1. The bad news is that bettors have chosen a very different scenario, with the Rams four-point underdogs on the current line. Two storylines are available for people with money burning a hole in any number of their pockets: the Rams' renaissance with Sam Bradford and quarterback svengali Josh McDaniels, and the Eagles' post-NFL-lockout makeover into the team to beat, or at least hate on, Miami Heat-style, in the NFL. 

In general it's good for your finances to pick the Terrifying Machine over the plucky, mid-renaissance underdogs—if it weren't, that wouldn't make such a terrible plot for a sports movie. But the Rams' undefeated preseason and confidence-inducing coaching staff might be enough for people who expect more out of the NFC West than most to brave the four-point spread and choose the Rams Sunday.

For odds and picks, check SB Nation, which will update with them throughout the day.