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Rams Vs. Eagles: Steven Jackson Rushes For 47-Yard Touchdown On St. Louis Rams' First Drive

Welcome back, Steven Jackson—after an offseason of relative anonymity in which his backups and Sam Bradford’s new offensive coordinator left him a hazy, backgrounded figure Jackson rushed for 47 yards and a touchdown on the St. Louis Rams’ first drive of the season, putting the Rams up 7-0 in the first quarter of their contest with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jackson, lined up deep in the backfield, took a handoff from Bradford and just found an enormous hole in the Eagles’ linebacking corps; he took it and didn’t look back, evading the Eagles’ secondary and charging in his usual upright sprint into the end zone.

The play is already Jackson’s longest since 2009—his high in 2010, the worst season of his career by a number of metrics, was 42. In 2011 he’ll be set up for more of these game-breaking plays and, thanks to Cadillac Williams, fewer of those back-breaking runs directly into the line of scrimmage for a yard and the first down.