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Steven Jackson's Return Questionable In St. Louis Rams-Eagles Matchup

Steven Jackson started the 2011 season with an exclamation point, rushing for 47 yards and a touchdown on his first touch of the St. Louis Rams’ 2011 season, but he’s continued Week 1 with a question mark—Jackson is questionable to return for the rest of the Rams’ game with the Philadelphia Eagles, stuck on the sidelines with an undisclosed injury after another rush for nine yards.

Jackson played all 16 games last season for the first time since 2006, but it came against a hail of minor nagging injuries that led to his first ever yards-per-carry below four. Cadillac Williams has been outstanding in his absence, justifying the decision to grab some name backups—he’s rushed eight times for 48 yards in the early going, and shown a speed most people haven’t seen since he was The Cadillac Williams, rookie sensation and not backup-to-the-stars.

You’d hate to get your first look at Josh McDaniels’s new offense without one of its most crucial pieces, but that’s what’s gone on so far.

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