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Rams Vs. Eagles: Sam Bradford Victimized By Pass Protection In The Early Going

Sam Bradford’s coming-out party in the St. Louis Rams’ new Josh McDaniels-approved offense has been delayed in the first half of their game with the Philadelphia Eagles—ugly pass protection and some mediocre throws from Bradford have led to a stagnant offense, one saved only by strong running performances from Steven Jackson and Cadillac Williams. The most dangerous example yet came early in the second quarter, when Jason Smith simply missed his assignment and Bradford was crushed for a sack by an unaccompanied defensive end.

Some strong play later in the second quarter was defused by a dropped pass from Lance Kendricks, his second of the game so far, and another from Brandon Gibson, but all the blame can’t go to his receivers; he’s under- and over-thrown his receivers on a few occasions so far, harried either by the pressure of the Eagles’ defense or the Rams’ new offense.

At the end of the Rams’ field-goal-scoring drive in the second quarter, Bradford was 5-for-11 with 58 yards and a fumble. (Mike Vick, on the other side of the ball, was 4-for-10 for 75 yards and a touchdown.)