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St. Louis Rams Can't Stop Mike Vick, Trail 24-10

Mike Vick hasn’t shown his most accurate form to date, but the St. Louis Rams haven’t been able to apply consistent pressure to the Philadelphia Eagles’ ringleader and he’s made them pay for it, going 13-for-28 for 190 yards and two touchdowns through the air and rushing for an additional 69 yards on six carries to keep the Rams’ defense on the field.

Without Steven Jackson to eat up ground and clock on the offense—he’s out with a quad injury, just after rushing 47 yards for a touchdown on his first carry of the season—the Rams’ defense has had to go up against Mike Vick again and again, and the matchup hasn’t been a pleasant one.

Bradford, meanwhile, hasn’t been in a position to do much damage. Constantly under pressure by the Eagles’ defense and victimized by some crucial drops from Lance Kendricks, Bradford is 10-for-18 for just 99 yards and a crucial fumble that was recovered for a touchdown in the first half and arrested their momentum early.