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Sam Bradford Injured In Fourth Quarter As St. Louis Rams Trail

Sam Bradford and the St. Louis Rams finally appeared to have gotten in rhythm with the game looking out of reach in the fourth quarter, and then the worst injury yet stacked itself atop the injuries to Steven Jackson, Jason Smith, and Danny Amendola that had already colored Week 1: Sam Bradford appeared to injure his throwing hand in the course of a 30-yard completion to Brandon Gibson.

No news yet on the severity of the injury, but Bradford didn’t appear distraught—at least not yet—and the Rams were unlikely to take any chances in a game that had quickly gotten out of hand. He finishes the game 17-for-30 with 188 yards, no touchdowns, and a fumble that was recovered for a touchdown. He was replaced by backup A.J. Feeley, who hasn’t played in a regular-season NFL game since he was the Philadelphia Eagles’ backup in 2007.

The Rams released third-stringer Thaddeus Lewis despite a strong preseason performance; hopefully that won’t become an issue next week.