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Fantasy Football Post-Mortem: Peyton Manning Ruins Indianapolis Colts, Your Fantasy Team

It's rare that fantasy football and NFL football come together quite so nicely. Earlier last week Peyton Manning ruined your fantasy team by having surgery that could cause him to miss the 2011 season; on Sunday it became clear that he had ruined the Indianapolis Colts, who were just shellshocked in their first week without Manning in 14 years. Scoreless until the fourth quarter, even with Kerry Collins's basically competent performance at quarterback, the Colts' defense seemed to fold even more than its offense, even without Arian Foster on the Houston Texans


Reggie Wayne is the only player on the Colts with a recognizable line, and even he seems in danger of a down season now that he's got Collins throwing to him instead of Manning. It's bad news for Colts fans, and worse news for anyone who actually plays fantasy football with real money. And I don't think it'll be any consolation for Colts fans to know that, just for once in the history of fantasy football, it seems to have said something about real life.