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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: St. Louis Rams Hold Steady After Eagles Loss

NFL Power Rankings continue for Week 2, with the St. Louis Rams holding steady at 15th on SB Nation.

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NFL Power Rankings power rankers see things differently, depending on who you talk to. The facts: the St. Louis Rams were drubbed by the Philadelphia Eagles, a great team, and after a solid two or three quarters things totally fell apart. They lost Danny Amendola for a significant amount of time and Ron Bartell is injured reserve bound, but things look better for Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson. ESPN ranked the Rams 20th with that information; SB Nation holds them steady at 15th in their Week 2 power rankings

That means that in this case the Rams are once ahead of their nemeses in the NFC West, who by the end of 2010 were perpetually holding fort in the league basement. The Arizona Cardinals move up to 17th after weathering Cam Newton-mania, while the San Francisco 49ers hang in at 19 and the Seattle Seahawks look down on the Oakland Raiders at 23. 

If these power rankings are worth anything, let them be an object lesson about making any kind of statement about a football team after one week of football. For the full list, visit SB Nation's NFL hub