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St. Louis Rams' Sam Bradford Will Play Monday Night Vs. Giants

Sam Bradford will play Monday Night for the St. Louis Rams vs. the New York Giants. Nice!

The St. Louis Rams had some hard luck in their Week 1 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles—losing Ron Bartell and Danny Amendola, among others, for an extended period of time—but it looks like they dodged at least one bullet; Sam Bradford, their designated savior, will play Monday Night against the New York Giants after suffering a bruised finger late in last Sunday's drubbing. 

Bradford wasn't especially sharp in his 2011 debut, fumbling a ball that was run back for a touchdown and completing 17 of 30 passes for 188 yards and no touchdowns, but given the rust A.J. Feeley showed in his place the Rams' season would have immediately been thrown into doubt if Bradford has been forced to miss significant time. 

As for his lieutenant of short-range pass-catching, Danny Amendola, he wants to play Monday, too, despite an injury that was decidedly less safe for work. (Seriously, don't click that link to Turf Show Times at work. Or anywhere where you don't want to see a man's arm bent in the wrong direction. If you or anyone you know has an elbow, seriously.)