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Week 2 NFL Power Rankings: Jacques Derrida's Ghost Deconstructs The St. Louis Rams

Jacques Derrida's ghost takes time off from a busy schedule of ruining literature and rehabilitating the reputation of Nazi ghosts to write a Week 2 NFL power rankings column for SB Nation St. Louis's Rams coverage. He won't be invited back.

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ESPN's NFL Power Rankings, the "rank" (ha, ha!) attempt of ESPN to distribute its power across the ostensibly empirical world of the "National" Football League, the NF-abLe (ha, ha!) amalgam of sporting concerns that every day  have placed the St. Louis Rams—themselves "placed" in St. Louis, although they are for half the playing season not there at all, a critical subversion of "placed" discourse—20th out of 32 such concerns in advance of "Week 2" in the NFL's 2011 creation-mythos. Sam Bradford "fingers" the Rams' problem, ha, ha—the Rams' injuries (comic gestures of fate yes, refutations of our ideas of certainty, yes, kind of disgusting, yes) have experienced a "dislocation" not at all unlike their movement between this supposed home of St. Louis and their transnational loci on "the road."

In this affair mere words are worthless. The struggle is played out between bodies, to be sure, quarterbacks, wide receivers, and the Rams (though we expected so much and though we knew so little could be expected) found themselves with too much of the one, perhaps, and not enough of the other in this offense-first discourse.

It is to say: The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network has placed the Rams within the idea "20th" while the Sports Weblog Nation identifies the Rams with 17th, a lower number, a number daring in its resistance to mathematics, this objective mask that covers all things, and did you read Moneyball, it was pretty terrible, right, with its—

Professor Ghost-Derrida has been relieved of his duties as NFL Power Rankings Ghostwriter (ha, ha!) (please go) effective immediately. For a less post-structuralist view follow our NFL Power Rankings storystream