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St. Louis Rams: Steven Jackson's Injury Could Mean A Cadillac Williams Start Week 2

With Steven Jackson's quad injury holding him out of practice—though the St. Louis Rams still haven't said he won't play—it's looking like the 58% of people who currently, for whatever reason, own Cadillac Williams in fantasy football might get their wildest wish granted Week 2 against the New York Giants. Williams would get the lion's share of the carries without Jackson in the backfield, and after his outstanding performance in relief of Jackson Week 1—140 total yards on 24 touches—he could be reasonably expected to do something with them. 

Jerious Norwood, whose role was limited Week 1, could also stand to benefit from Jackson's absence, although I am relieved to note that he's only owned in 0.8% of leagues. 

The St. Louis Rams are the party that won't benefit from all this fantasy-point-shuffling, but Jackson's absence this early in the season certainly serves to justify the decision they made, following the lockout, to get their heavily worked starter some competent backups for the first time in his career. That they won't be backups Monday night is less than ideal, but remember: There, but for the grace of the gods of football, goes Kenneth Darby...