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Sam Bradford Injury: Bradford's Finger Healthy Prior To St. Louis Rams' Monday Night Contest

Sam Bradford will be ready to play before Monday Night Football pits the St. Louis Rams against the New York Giants Week 2.

Sam Bradford's injury late in the St. Louis Rams' comically unpleasant loss to the Philadelphia Eagles Week 1 was just the final insult in a string of them—Steven Jackson was hurt, Jason Smith, Ron Bartell and Danny Amendola and just about anyone else you enjoyed watching on offense or defense. But it looks like the Rams dodged the biggest of those bullets—Sam Bradford's ready to go for Monday Night Football vs. the New York Giants, his injured finger looking like nothing more than a painful bruise.

Bradford wasn't getting the grip he wanted on the ball immediately after the game, but after some Michael Jackson glovework and a week of rest and practice he looks to be unaffected by the injury for Week 2. That's good news for the Rams, especially after A.J. Feeley's performance in his first game action since 2007 might have inspired some Thaddeus Lewis-related second thoughts. Bradford needs as much time as he can get behind the wheel of Josh McDaniels's new offense, and Danny Amendola's injury is another change in that complex set-up he'll need to get used to.

Before leaving last Sunday's game Bradford was 17-for-30 for 188 yards and no touchdowns or interceptions. The victim of numerous drops from an inexperienced receiving corps, Bradford was also sacked four times, a rate twice as high as he saw last season.