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Seattle Seahawks Shut Out By Pittsburgh Steelers, Fall To 0-2

The Seattle Seahawks fall to last place in the NFC West after a 24-0 drubbing from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tarvaris Jackson wasn't the only problem for a Seattle Seahawks offense that saw him lead the team with 12 rushing yards, but the Seahawks' offensive direction will be questioned even more after another listless loss, this time a 24-0 thrashing against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger looked fully rehabilitated from his weak Week 1 play, going 22-for-30 with 298 yards and a touchdown.

Jackson's line typified the Seahawks' performance, which lacked any dynamic play at all—he was an accurate 20-for-29 with just 159 yards in the course of being sacked five times. Marshawn Lynch's beast mode involved carrying the ball six times for 11 yards, while Justin Forsett added three for 10.

If nothing else it's not a new phenomenon for the Seahawks, who throughout Matt Hasselbeck's decline phase found themselves with an accurate quarterback who couldn't throw the ball downfield or "make things happen," in that vague sportswriter parlance. With no particular threat on offense, the Seahawks will find it hard to defend their NFC West title if any of their competitors find another gear.

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