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New York Giants' Fake Injury Play A Novel Way Of Stopping Sam Bradford

If Monday Night Football has taught us one thing about the St. Louis Rams, it's that they need to invest in some gloves with velcro on them, or one of those bungee cords with a net on one end for the football to go inside. If it taught as another thing, it's that the Rams' new offense is extraordinarily fast, and that Sam Bradford and Josh McDaniels are the same soul trapped in different bodies.  


The New York Giants, as it turns out, have discovered a novel way of stopping that forward momentum. It's called "pretending to be injured," and if you've watched European-Rules Football or seen Vlade Divac play basketball you'll be familiar with it. Here's the video:




Take a look at the full-size version on Turf Show Times, where one commenter is justifiably worried that a sniper is on the loose at MetLife Stadium. I hope they catch him before he manages to shoot another Giant with a fast-acting tranquilizer dart exactly as the Rams are about to storm the goal line.