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Giants Vs. Rams Halftime: Giants Strike Again On Outstanding Domenik Hixon Play, Rams Victimized By Mistakes

The St. Louis Rams' offense fired on all cylinders in the first half, but nobody remembered to put it in park or lock the doors—the New York Giants have taken advantage of some awful mistakes by the Rams to open up a 21-6 lead at halftime on Monday Night Football. Eli Manning is just 9-for-18 with 104 yards—and two touchdowns.

Bradford's been rushed more intensely after the Rams' hot start; he goes into halftime at 11-for-23 with 197 yards, about as far away from the infamous Pat Shurmur/Danny Amendola Rams as you could possibly imagine. Danario Alexander, who backflipped his way into a 68-yard reception a week after being inactive, has been the primary benefactor of this newly opened-up offense. But without Steven Jackson to go to work near the goal line the Giants have been bruising Sam Bradford when the Rams near touchdown territory, not leaving enough time for the Rams' newly complex offense to make its last steps into the end zone. 

Without the mistakes the Rams would be in the lead going into the third quarter—with them they'll be hard-pressed to catch up.