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St. Louis Rams See The Obvious, Move Danario Alexander Up Their Depth Chart

Danario Alexander will see more playing time in the St. Louis Rams' Week 3 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.

Danario Alexander fantasy football super-sleepers, take heart: The Rams have seen the near future, and it's Danario Alexander, Mizzou football icon, disgruntled left-knee owner, touchdown-catcher. After Greg Salas's awful performance through two games, Danny Amendola's injury, and Lance Kendrick's relative invisibility, Alexander, Brandon Gibson, and Mike Sims-Walker are the last wide receivers standing, at least until Mark Clayton comes back.

That's good news for Alexander and Alexander-owners; a week after being placed on the inactive list, the receiver caught three balls for 122 yards and Sam Bradford's only touchdown pass. There's going to be plenty more where that came from on Sunday, when the Rams face the Baltimore Orioles.

Alexander's knee is a constant worry, and it could go at any moment; there's a reason the Rams signed him as an undrafted free agent, and a reason he wasn't their receiving leader in 2010 despite three of the team's best performances. But so long as he's around—and nobody else is—the Rams are going to let him show exactly what he's got.

Here's hope it's a lot.