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Joe Flacco Dominates St. Louis Rams In First Quarter, Ravens Lead 21-0

Joe Flacco has put together a dominant performance already in the first quarter of the Baltimore Ravens’ visit to the St. Louis Rams, going 8-for-12 with 181 yards and three touchdowns in the first 15 minutes and leading the Rams by a score of 21-0. With the Rams owning just four passing yards on seven attempts and Sam Bradford leading the team in rushing yards with 22, St. Louis has had no means of responding to the unexpected offensive onslaught, which has been led by 133 yards and three touchdowns for Torrey Smith, who’s hammered backup cornerback Justin King.

The Rams managed to stop the Ravens to start the second quarter, but they’ll need to put seven points on the board almost immediately if they want to compete in this game and avoid starting their nightmare schedule at 0-3. Steven Jackson’s absence, at least, will matter less and less as they fall so far behind that they can’t afford any rushing plays; Cadillac Williams has three carries for 19 yards after being cleared to play Sunday morning.