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Torrey Smith Injury: Incredible Debut Paces Ravens Vs. Rams

A Lee Evans injury meant it looked like the Baltimore Ravens would be sans deep threat for Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams. That was until Torrey Smith got the start. Lined up against a backup cornerback Smith has had a debut for the ages, catching his first three balls for 133 yards and three touchdowns. According to the broadcast team on CBS no wide receiver in history has ever caught his first three passes for touchdowns since 1991. Now, though, Smith might be injured himself.

That's been more than enough for the Ravens, who—with the help of their heretofore inactive second-round draft pick—lead the Rams 27-0 at halftime. 

Smith, a kick returner and deep threat in three years of Maryland football, was the 58th overall selection the 2011 NFL Draft, but after his fourth reception just before halftime—not a touchdown, unfortunately—he limped off the field and was replaced. No updates yet as to the severity of his injury, and given the way he was moving he could be back soon after halftime.