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St. Louis Rams Score: Sam Bradford And Brandon Gibson End Shutout With Touchdown

The St. Louis Rams' offense finally got on the board in the third quarter of their rough Week 3 contest with the Baltimore Ravens when Sam Bradford unleashed a beautiful throw on the run and hit a leaping Brandon Gibson in the chest for a 34-yard touchdown pass into the back of the end zone. Bradford's roll-out and line drive throw was one of the most perfect passes in his short career to date, and it improved his still-ugly line to 9-for-20 for 100 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.

For Brandon Gibson it's his first touchdown of the season and a reminder of his strong preseason; he has four catches four 48 yards despite the offensive shutdown the Rams have been under all game. If the Rams can stop the Ravens once more in the third quarter he and Bradford are likely to get several more deep ball opportunities before the day is through; with Cadillac Williams and Steven Jackson both injured there wouldn't be many other options even if they weren't down 30-7.