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Sam Bradford Shows Promise, Problems In Third Straight Rams Loss

Sam Bradford's fantasy football owners—and St. Louis Rams savior-watchers—have expected big things out of the second-year quarterback now that Josh McDaniels has allowed him to open up and throw deep, and at times they've seen exactly that kind of promise. Sunday Bradford hit Brandon Gibson in the chest at the back of the end zone from 40-yards away on the run; last Monday night he and Danario Alexander went more than 60 yards for a touchdown. 

He also showed the problems that remain with the Rams' receiving corps. Gibson slipped up in the middle of a bomb of a pass that would have gone 60-70 yards for a touchdown, eventually diving for a ball that fell out of his hands as he rolled into the end zone. And on the interception, Alexander fell down on a route, leaving the Ravens' defensive back wide open for an interception on the baseline. 

Bradford's not perfect, but it looks like his wide receiver corps is even less perfect. That's going to be the primary question for him going forward, particularly in the 2011 season.