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Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: St. Louis Rams Collapse After 0-3 Start

The St. Louis Rams fall to the bottom of the SB Nation Week 4 Power Rankings.

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The St. Louis Rams have managed to avoid the bottom of the NFL's Week 4 Power Rankings barrel thanks to, in order, Peyton Manning's absence, the Kansas City Chiefs' astounding start, the Miami Dolphins, and the Minnesota Vikings, but they get closer to the bottom with every ugly loss. Now, following Torrey Smith and the Baltimore Ravens' vicious dismantling of the Rams' dinged-up secondary and the offense's continued inconsistence, they've fallen to 28th on SB Nation's list, just behind the Seattle Seahawks at the bottom of even the NFC West.

Given their company at the bottom of the power rankings, things could be worse for the Rams going into Week 4—for instance, Sam Bradford could have had multiple neck surgeries, or Steven Jackson could be done for the season, or they could be the Minnesota Vikings. The Rams haven't yet had a Peyton Manning or Jamaal Charles-style catastrophe, and given the division in which they play that's all it takes to still be in the playoff chase.

Of course, if they go into their bye week at 0-4 it'll be hard to even offer that consolation.