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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings: Sam Bradford Shoots Up Some Lists At Quarterback

Sam Bradford has shot up to the middle of the pack in the 2011 fantasy football rankings.

Sam Bradford isn't Aaron Rodgers, Mike Vick, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, or Phillip Rivers—that should be clear enough. After that, his place in the 2011 fantasy football rankings at quarterback is... less than clear. Some are convinced by his solid-but-sketchy 2010 numbers that he'll have a major sophomore slump; others look at those same numbers and see him blossoming under Josh McDaniels's tutelage. 

Others, like SpreeGoogs, split the middle and put him between, say, Joe Flacco and Kevin Kolb. We at SB Nation feel the same way, dropping him into the 16 spot. 

It's not a bad spot for a guy who finished last in football in yards per attempt and had a quarterback rating of 76.5, but fantasy football doesn't always deal in effectiveness; Bradford's guaranteed to play all year if he's healthy, and he's likely to put up some big counting stats if Josh McDaniels's past is any indication.