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Jeff Fisher Leaves St. Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins Hanging; High-Five Hands Nearly Asleep

It's increasingly difficult to follow the St. Louis Rams' extended courtship with Jeff Fisher, which the 24-hour news cycle has successfully distorted to near-irrelevance. Late last week Fisher seemed nearly certain to be the new head coach of the Rams; now, as Ryan Van Bibber aggregates, the Miami Dolphins look to be all the way back into this—despite the continued impression of the NFL at large that the former Tennessee Titans coach will make his decision this very week.

For another few days, then, Dolphins and Rams fans will have to wait to figure out what their foundering franchises will look like in 2012.

In the Rams' favor: they have the second overall pick in the draft and their franchise quarterback and a veteran running back that Jeff Fisher could run all the way into the ground. In the Dolphins' favor: They play in Miami, they won six games in 2011, and they got nice seasons from Matt Moore and Reggie Bush, even if those guys aren't quite Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson.