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St. Louis Rams Going To Stick With Sam Bradford, Report Obvious Reports

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Developing: The St. Louis Rams plan to stick with Sam Bradford no matter who's available in the 2012 NFL Draft, reports Charley Casserly as well as anybody who's familiar with how football teams ought to behave. Bradford had a disappointing season, along with the rest of the Rams' offense and most of its defense and its coaching staff and also, incidentally, its fanbase; that was unlikely to ever lead to his replacement as Quarterback of the Future and primary seller of replica jerseys, because he isn't Jimmy Clausen and nobody available at number two overall is Cam Newton.


The Rams had a terrible season, and Sam Bradford did nothing to make it any better. But there's no reason to throw him out with the bathwater, or even Steve Spagnuolo, if your bath has a drain on it like mine does.


I could be wrong here; if I am, I would like to apologize personally to Sam Bradford for getting his hopes up on SB Nation St. Louis.