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NFL Mock Draft 2012: What Robert Griffin III Means To The St. Louis Rams

Draft picks. Sorry, let me back up: If Robert Griffin III comes out for the draft this year, instead of returning to Baylor, the St. Louis Rams will not select him, which means terrible things for 2012 NFL Mock Draft types and potentially good news for the Rams, who could potentially earn a raft of picks for their spot in the quarterback-drafting line. (It's also good news for Sam Bradford, in case he was wondering whether he had already contracted a terminal case of Jimmy Clausen's Disease.)

That's good news for the Rams, who have a multitude of holes to fill, but the Rams might also find it difficult to trade the chance at a number-one receiver like Justin Blackmon or a guy-who-won't-get-Sam-Bradford-killed like Matt Kalil in exchange for a bunch of less dynamic—if more immediately valuable—players.

If it's any consolation, mock drafters, the Rams are likely as confused as you are—they're unlikely to know more about their own intentions until they decide on a new head coach.