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Robert Griffin III Goes Pro, 2012 NFL Mock Drafts Punt On St. Louis Rams

2012 NFL Mock Draft-makers' worst fears were confirmed Tuesday, when it was reported that Robert Griffin III would be going pro in 2012, leaving the St. Louis Rams with the chance to trade a highly touted quarterback for multiple draft picks after all. It would still be nice to have Justin Blackmon for their own highly touted quarterback, Sam Bradford, but the Rams are patchy enough all over the field that a set of picks or players would be hard to resist.

In that respect, Griffin isn't quite Andrew Luck, but a lot of teams would be falling over themselves (and the Rams) to get to him in this increasingly quarterback-heavy league—Turf Show Times, in the above link, describe exactly that sort of dream situation, in which the Cleveland Browns leave the Rams two first rounders (enough to snag Justin Blackmon anyway) and take Griffin to replace the questionable Colt McCoy.

I'll say this for the scenario: It's more fun than the Matt Kalil Offensive Line Experience, though I suppose it's accordingly less likely to keep Sam Bradford from being injured again.