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Jeff Fisher Could Accept Dolphins' Head Coaching Job On Wednesday, According To Report

Former Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher is nearing a decision on what his coaching future will entail, and it appears that he'll be choosing the Miami Dolphins, according to Michael Lombardi of Fisher had previously limited his options down to just the Dolphins and the St. Louis Rams, but it appears that he'll be choosing to join the former.

With Fisher refusing to commit until now, the Rams have continued to seek out possible alternatives should Fisher choose to go to Miami. With that possibility now looking more like a reality, St. Louis will have to look in a different direction as it tries to find a new head coach.

One of Lombardi's sources reiterated one of Fisher's possible concerns with St. Louis, and that's the team's possible relocation to Los Angeles. Lombardi adds that Fisher could announce his decision as soon as Wednesday, so we could have an official announcement on the matter pretty soon.

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