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Jeff Fisher Pros And Cons: The St. Louis Rams Situation

Over at Turf Show Times the Jeff Fisher to the St. Louis Rams situation has developed far enough that they're breaking out the pros and cons and points and counterpoints. Each one's worth reading, whatever your opinion of Fishermania is, particularly because they each answer a slightly different question: One says why Fisher should choose the Rams, while another explains why the Rams shouldn't choose Fisher. To summarize them both very broadly:


Jeff Fisher should choose the Rams, because Sam Bradford is not a member of the Dolphins, because the Rams have a big draft ahead of them, because St. Louis is an easier media environment, and because the NFC West is a dumping ground for mediocrity.


The Rams shouldn't choose Jeff Fisher, because he hasn't proved he's the elite coach that he appears to be thanks to a paucity of candidates and his long tenure with one team; if he put up the numbers in St. Louis that he had in Tennessee we wouldn't really be satisfied, anyway.