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2012 NFL Draft: Justin Blackmon Better Than Dez Bryant, According To Warren Moon

The St. Louis Rams have the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and most mock drafts have them deciding between wide receiver Justin Blackmon and offensive lineman Matt Kalil. According to Warren Moon, Blackmon would be a great pick and is ready to outperform the other standout Oklahoma State wide receiver than preceded him: Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys. KIRO-AM 710 in Seattle asked Moon about Blackmon's NFL prospects, and the former NFL quarterback launched into quite an analysis from there:

"He's a beast, isn't he? He's like Dez Bryant with all of his brain cells. He's a guy that has all those skills that Dez Bryant has but he's not the knucklehead that Dez Bryant has turned out to be with Dallas. And a much better route runner than Dez Bryant is, but a very tremendous talent."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones didn't particularly appreciate the sideswipe on Dez Bryant, and responded by saying the organization values Bryant and that he "is everything we had hoped he would be and player" despite "some off-field challenges that were not of substance nature."

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