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St. Louis Rams Coach: Jeff Fisher's Control Of Team Uncertain

The St. Louis Rams finally got their man Friday afternoon, signing Jeff Fisher to a multiple-year contract after a long tangle with the similarly headless Miami Dolphins for the longtime Titans head coach, but much of the facts about his actual arrangement remain nebulous. Luckily, Bernie MIklasz went on a tweeting spree for the ages Friday night, offering the following insights:

"The idea of Fisher as a kingpin in charge of everything at Rams Park is being overstated... not certain that Fisher demanded total control over personnel. For sure wants a say in hiring of GM."

Sounds like the after-the-signing cool-down version of the rumors that were flying earlier—Fisher won't be the all-in-one team svengali, but he will want to have a say in whom the various sub-svengalis turn out to be. Whatever happens, Bernie's final tweet of the night ends on a strikingly optimistic note for Rams fans who haven't gotten many: "Bradford is fired up. Continuity. Finally."

So there's that. For more, you'll probably want to follow the Post-Dispatch's coverage on this one.