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2012 NFL Mock Draft: St. Louis Rams, Matt Kalil Meet Again In New Mock

Mocking the Draft, the SB Nation blog devoted entirely (and predictably) to 2012 NFL Mock Draft work, ran a two-round mock draft Friday afternoon—and the results shouldn't surprise anybody who watched Sam Bradford get beaten into the ground and is familiar with recent mock draft predictions. Matt Kalil, USC's young offensive tackle, goes second overall to the Rams, after Andrew Luck and before the more immediately exciting Justin Blackmon. The interesting thing here: Robert Griffin III, who in other mocks is the key to a trade bounty from the Rams, falls all the way to fourth overall, going straight-up to the Cleveland Browns.

The mock drafter—seton hall and steelers—does throw a sop to pass-hungry Rams fans in the second round, sending them Dwight Jones with the first pick there. It's no Justin Blackmon, but the Rams have an astonishing number of needs to fill, and it's hard to stop at just one in any direction. This would be easier if their last two offensive linemen hadn't fallen flat on their collective face.