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Jeff Fisher Quotes: St. Louis Rams' Steven Jackson, Ron Bartell and Greg Salas Weigh In On Hire

Jeff Fisher has agreed to become the next head coach of the St. Louis Rams, and while he hammers out the details of his contract with the team, his new players have been weighing in on the hiring. Though I'm sure players from the spurned Miami Dolphins would have different things to say, it appears everyone on the Rams is excited about the addition of the veteran coach. Kathleen Nelson of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch did a wonderful job capturing the reaction of Rams players, and here's a little taste of what some players had to say:

CB Ron Bartell

"I'm feeling a little bit of everything: a little relief, but definitely excited. This is a great hire. Mr. Kroenke and Kevin did a great job. It's a great day to be a Ram."

"I think he helps stabilize the franchise. It's been rough for a few years, but to bring in a guy with his credentials is huge. If you're able to stay 16 years with one team, that says as much about you as a Super Bowl ring."

WR Greg Salas

"He had to do what he thought what was best for him. Sure, it's a weird feeling, not knowing who will coach the team. But that's over, and I'm excited. I'm sure everyone's excited."

"The second phase can begin. Now, it's a matter of finding out who the offensive coordinator and the rest of the staff will be. Then, we'll know a little about the offense we'll be running next season."

RB Steven Jackson

"The coaches that I had after Mike Martz were coordinators that were very successful at the time, but Jeff brings stability. He brings credibility. He's played in the league, and he was one yard away from winning the Super Bowl."

"I'm pretty sure he's thinking along the lines of Eddie George when he thinks of coaching me and having me in his offense: downhill kind of guy. He's going to put me in position where I can be at my best. ... I think he'll do a good job of utilizing the talents we have."

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