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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Washington Huskies DT Alameda Ta'amu Could Be The Second-Round Pick For The Rams

In the many mock drafts that have appeared in the best few weeks since the NCAA football season has drawn to a close, most of the analysts seem to agree that the St. Louis Rams will likely use their No. 2 overall pick to select one of two players: Matt Kalil or Justin Blackmon. Since the first round seems to have been discussed to death, let us turn our attention to who the Rams might select in the second round of the draft.

The Rams certainly need help on both the offensive and defensive lines. If they do indeed select offensive tackle Kalil in the first round, that would shore up a much-needed slot on the O-line. As the Rams will have the first pick in the second round (the No. 33 overall selection), the best option at that time may be 4-3 defensive tackle Alameda Ta'amu of the Washington Huskies. Here is what Robert Occhipinti, Rams analyst for the mock draft website Draft Tek, has to say:

Again we see the Rams selecting Alameda Ta'amu with the first pick in the 2nd round. The new Rams regime will be built around the Bill Belichek philosophy of dynamic use of draft resources to improve the team by superior scouting and increased trading for additional picks in current and future drafts. That being said, the Rams could very well trade this pick and end up with Alameda or another of this talented group of defensive tackles later in the round or even fill needs at other deep positional needs such as CB or OG. If they do keep this pick, however, Ta'amu or Osemele would be the logical options. Ta'amu has the size the Rams crave inside to help a pathetic run defense from 2011 but as previously stated does not have the long arms vital for individual contributions in the pass rush. Ta'amu can and will be an asset against the pass, but more as a space and block eater than a pressure and sack guy at the next level.

Ta'amu had his stock drop a bit due to injuries in 2011 and a less-than-impressive showing in the offensive shootout that was the Alamo Bowl, but he remains a top prospect at his position.

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